If you’re a College Gardens resident, you may not know…

  • … that you live on a 250-year-old farm
  • … that you’re part of a radical experiment in urban design
  • … that you may have paid more for your car than the original owners did for your house
  • … that you live near a piece of Watergate history*

Here you’ll find some historical background on:

* “One and a half miles north of the Rockville depot was Westmore, a minor stop on the B & O rail line. It was intended to serve the late 19th-century subdivision of “West End Park,” but this huge planned development failed in the depressions of the 1890s. Long after the train ceased to stop here, the area developed as Woodley Gardens.

“During the Senate Watergate Subcommittee hearings, conspirator James McCord revealed that at a public telephone booth in this area he received orders to carry out the Watergate burglary in 1972.”

…… from the “Historic and Architectural Guide to The Rockville Pike” by Eileen S. McGuckian
…….(Peerless Rockville Historic Preservation, Ltd. 1997)